KTM Scandinavia huvudsponsor vid klassiska hästskon

Om KTM Scandinavia


“Ready to Race” is much more than just a rather nice advertising slogan. KTM stands for high quality motorcycles. Every motorcycle is uncompromisingly developed and tested in the tough world of motor racing. In order to stay up front in the racing scene, KTM depends on highest quality components and an optimal weightperformance ratio. This results in a unique off- and onroad riding sensation that makes the brand stand out against all others.

Every KTM offers knife edge handling right from the first meter as well as the same feeling of transparency that brings victory in motor racing. At KTM, the rider is the central focus. Every one of our motorcycles supports the rider with spontaneous feedback and any amount of performance just when it is needed. Thanks to the race-oriented, competitive vehicle interpretation above all else, KTM riders can count on any amount of fun.



For decades now the sports motorcycle brand from Austria has been engaged in racing series all over the world and by its strong conviction and visible enthusiasm for motorsport has created for itself a unique sporting image. This KTM company philosophy is, without exception, reflected in the series models it produces.